Controller for solar circuits

PCSOL 201 Controller for solar circuits

PCSOL 201 is a microprocessor controller with graphic display and TOUCH & PLAY operation system. It is intended for controlling solar circuits. Can be used with HIGH EFFICIENCY solar pumps controlled with PWM signal and volt-free H output.


  • PWM control of HIGH EFFICIENCY pump
  • TOUCH & PLAY operating system
  • Many solar schemes to choose
  • Posibility to connect 4 temp. sensors PT 1000 (CT6-PT1000 and CT6W-PT1000 included)
  • Turning off the heater when solar starts to work
  • Function of pump stop after reaching max. temp. of the tank
  • Function of heat drop after reaching max. temp. of the tank
  • Time periodes for heater
  • Intelligent alarm - identification of alarm situations
  • Antifreeze function
  • Calculation of recovered heat
  • Visualization of recovered energy from the drain of the last days

Measurement inputs
(low voltage)
 4 temperature inputs
Other inputs/outputs
(low voltage)

 Output (H) 5-6 V/0,1 A (DC)  

 Output PWM for controlling the solar pump (only P1)

PWM freguency signal  200 Hz    
Signal level  5 V
Digital  5÷100%
High voltage outputs  Output P1, P2: 230 V/ max 0,5 A (AC)
Power supply  230 V (AC), 50 Hz. I=1.02 A*
Load ability P1,P2  not more than 0.5 A (AC)/output
Operating conditions  0° ≤ Ta ≤ 40°C, humidity 10-90%, without  condensation
Protection degree     IP 20
Weight  280 g
Dimensions [mm]  W-140 H-95 D-40

 *Power intake only by controller is 0.02 A (1,5 W)