Internet thermostat

RT310iSR Internet thermostat

Control your heating from anywhere via RT310i app (available on iOS and Android).


  • Wireless communication
  • Local or remote control (via RT310i app)
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Control algorithm TPI or Hysteresis ±0.25°C / ±0.5°C
  • Display temperature accurancy  - 0,1°C or 0,5°C
  • Correction displayed temperature +/- 3°C
  • Antifrost function (with temperature regulation from 5 to 9°C)
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • SLEEP mode (suspend all thermostat's functions)
  • Auto pairing
  • RF Test function
  • No repeatability of communication codes
  • 5 year warranty
Receiver supply  230 V AC 50 Hz
Rating max  16 (5) A
Outputs  NO/COM
Receiver model  SR868
Receiver dimension [mm]  W-44 H-44 D-26 


Thermostat supply  2 x AA Batteries
Temperature range  5 - 35ºC
Thermostat dimension [mm]  W-96 H-96 D-27


Gateway supply  5 V DC
Ethernet port  1x10/100 LAN port
Gateway dimension [mm]  W-39 H-91 D-25, antenna 70 [mm]

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