Wireless temperature sensor

The PS600 temperature sensor – in relation to the measured
temperature – allows to control products connected to the SPE600
smart plugs or SR600 smart relays e.g. pumps, valves, actuators etc.
The large measuring range of the sensor is an important feature and
offers a wide range of applications for heating, cooling, temperature
monitoring and OneTouch events/rules trigger within the system. The
sensor requires the UGE600 internet gateway and SALUS Smart Home

Product advantages:
• sensor probe is designed to be mounted on a 15-18mm pipe
• removable sensor buckle allows you to place it e.g. in a electrical
• works according to the OneTouch rules (e.g. switch off the pump,
when temperature drops below 25°C)


Power supply 1 x CR2
Measuring range -50 - 100°C
Wireless communication ZigBee 2,4 GHz
Dimensions [mm] 73,5 x 24,7 x 20
Cable lenght [mm] 470