Thermostat with 4in1 configurations, wireless

This battery-powered, wall- or desk-mounted thermostat, with wireless communication, can be configured to work as a programmable thermostat, non-programmable thermostat, group controller, or hot water timer.

Use with any product in the iT600 range:
KL10RF/KL08RF wiring centres
• TRV thermostatic radiator valves
RX10RF system receiver
Wireless communication is through the CO10RF or UGE600 Universal Gateway (sold separately).


  • Three adjustable temperature settings including Night SetBack
  • PARTY and HOLIDAY modes
  • Temporary and permanent overrides
  • External sensor options including cylinder thermostat when configured as a hot water timer
  • Default heating/cooling program
  • Memory backup (settings don’t need to be reset in the event of power loss)
  • HEATING / COOLING changeover when used with KL10RF and KL08RF
  • 5-year warranty

    Supply  4 x AAA Batteries
    RF  ZigBee 2,4 GHz
    Temperature range  5 - 35ºC
    Dimension [mm]  W-86.5 H-86.5 D-29


S1, S2 - External sensors (optional)