Ultra-thin thermostat with humidity sensor and built-in Li-Ion battery


The SALUS Quantum SQ610RF thermostat is a unique device designed to fulfil many functions, while being extremely easy to use and install. It is characterised by it’s unique, modern design along with satisfying the needs of many customers - a very thin shape.

Connection and installation have never been so easy!

The QUANTUM thermostat has been designed with the simplest operation in mind, with the number of clicks needed initially reduced to minimum – the whole installation proces can be completed in as few as three easy steps!

The SALUS Quantum SQ610RF can act as a SALUS Smart Home system thermostat and communicate wirelessly with other products in the SALUS Smart Home system.

Basic features: 

Ultra-thin - just 11mm thickness

• Readable, backlit screen

• Intuitive menu

• Humidity sensor

• Holiday mode

• Customisable display screen

• Control algorithm selection: ITLC, span ±0,5°C or ±0,25°C, THB actuator

• Valve protection

• Optimization function

• 22 built-in languages

• The SQ610RF thermostat can be attached to the wall with screws using the mounting plate provided or with the dedicated mounting tape supplied with thermostat.


SQ610RF thermostats are ideal solutions for rented accomodation and hotels:

• Lock function for the selected PIN number

• Possibility to set limits for temperature set-point range


The S1 and S2 inputs are additional connection options for elements such as:

• External air temperature sensor

• Additional floor temperature sensor

• Occupancy sensor

• Light switch (or any other ON/OFF contact)

• Dedicated switch that can be programmed to run any rules, scenarios, send an SMS or e-mail etc.

• HEAT/COOL mode changeover switch



This function allows the user to maintain a warm floor despite the thermal comfort obtained in a room. For example in rooms such as a bathroom, where a warm floor at a specific time is more important than getting a certain room temperature - you can activate comfort warm floor for your own convenience by choosing one of three comfort levels. 

 Technical data:

Power Supply Built-in Li-Ion 3,7V Battery
Charging voltage (charger not included) Micro-USB 5V DC, min 0,5 A
Temperature range
5 - 40°C
Display temperature accuracy 0.5°C or  0.1°C
Control algorithm ITLC Span (±0.25°C / ±0.5°C)  THB
Communication protocol ZigBee 2,4 GHz
Mounting Surface mounting
Working temperature 0-45°C
IP protection class IP30
Dimensions [mm] 86 x 86 x 11
Thickness after wall mounting   11mm


S1/S2 multifunctional input:


-Floor temperature sensor
- External air sensor.
- Occupancy sensor
- One Touch rule trigger
- Heating/Cooling modes changeover