Thermostatics radiator valve (TRV) with wireless communication

TRV10RAM Thermostatics radiator valve (TRV) with wireless communication

SALUS mini TRV is a smart electronic head, recommended as a replacement of the traditional, manually operated thermostatic heads. Applied self-learning algorithm in advanced TRV valves assures precise maintaining of the temperature in each room.This solution prevents overheating and enables the user to reduce energy consumption even to 30%.

TRV has to be paired with VS10RF or VS20RF thermostats and ZigBee coordinator CO10RF or through the UGE600 Universal Gateway to work properly. All these devices are sold separately.You can also use RX10RF - wireless boiler module, which can work with thermostats and TRVs. RX10RF will turn ON your boiler when any thermostat will be calling for heat.

Usage with any product in the iT600 range:

  • VS10RF/VS20RF thermostats
  • KL10RF/KL08RF wiring centres
  • RX10RF system receiver

TRV10RAM is compatible with Danfoss RA valves.


  • Wireless communication
  • Controlled by the VS10RF / VS20RF thermostats
  • SELF-ADAPTATION function, to provide better temperature control (automatic valve adaptation function to detect valve pin travel limits)
  • Automatic calibration to preset temperature in the room
  • Remote or manual mode (fully open/close)
  • LED status indication (green/red)
  • Limescale protection
  • Key lock function
  • Anti-frost function
  • Tamperproof cover TP10 (optional/sold separately)
  • 5-year warranty 
Supply  2 x AA Batteries
RF  ZigBee 2.4 GHz
Dimension [mm]  W-50 H-102 D-50
Thread's size  Danfoss ventil RA