Auto Balancing Actuator

THB230 / THB24 Auto Balancing Actuator
THB230 / THB24 Auto Balancing Actuator
THB clamps
Uniform heating

In a standard underfloor heating system, hydronic balancing is a very difficult and laborious process. The THB230 has two temperature sensors that are connected between the Auto Balancing Actuator and the emitter flow & return pipes or the inlet and outlet of the manifold.

  • Normally Closed
  • Short response time - 30 seconds
  • High precision motor
  • Constant temperature - no more too hot or too cold rooms
  • Modulates the valves opening to maintain an optimal ΔT
  • 2-piece pipe sensors will measure flow and return temperatures
  • Low power consumption - less than 0,5 W
  • 5 year warranty

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Supply  THB230 - 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Rating max  0.5 W
Valve open/close time  30 sec.
Temp. sensor resolution  0.1°C
Protection degree  IP54
Thread's size  M30 x 1.5
Dimension [mm]  W-93 H-x38 D-54


How does it work?
To correctly balance the flow of heated water through the UFH circuit the flow rate needs to be regulated: too much flow will lower the ∆T below 7°C and the circuit will ’’heat up too fast’’, too little flow will increase the ∆T above 7°C and the circuit will ‘’heat up too slowly’’.

The ABA is the answer for ‘’getting effective control of UFH circuit’’. ABA will constantly measure the ∆T via the two temperature sensors and adjust the valve position by closing or opening its slightly. All to maintain constant temperature differential (between the emitter flow and return pipes) and make your UFH circuit really effective - economy, convenient.