Relay module

RM-16A Relay module

Relay module RM-16A opens and closes the circuit in order to affect the work of other devices.

Some usages of the module RM-16A with other SALUS products are shown below:
1. Connection of the thermostat with the high voltage relay 230 V (e.g. VS30/ RT200/ ERT20/ ERT30/ ERT50/ VS10/ HTRP/ BTRP) with a gas boiler which requires free-voltage output NO/COM or NC/COM.

2. Connection of the SALUS temperature regulator with the NO/COM relay (e.g. 091FL) with the boiler control which requires NC/COM output (NC/COM output is normally required in the solid fuel boiler controls).

3. Connection of the receiver transmitting power higher than it is allowed by the relay in a regulator. The maximum electricity consumption of the receiver cannot exceed 16 A.

4. Connection of the devices other than electro thermal actuators with the wiring centre (KL06-M/ KL08NSB/ KL08RF/ KL10/ KL10RF) e.g. if you want to connect a pump or an electric heating mat instead of a electro thermal actuator.

Power  16 A / 250 V AC, 4000 VA
Power supply  230 V AC 50 Hz
Input NO/COM  Connection of the regulator with the free voltage relay NO/COM
Input SL  Connection of a regulator with the voltage relay 230 V
Dimension [mm]  W-47 H-47 D-20