Window / Door Sensor

OS600 Window / Door Sensor

A window/door sensor is a small, wireless piece of equipment that detects when a window/door is open or closed. This product must be used with the Universal Gateway (UGE600) and the SALUS iT600 Smart Home App.

With installation of window/door sensor system it can turn off the heating in the room during the period when a window is open and preventing unnecessary heat consumption. With the sensors mounted it is possible with the SALUS Smart Home App or PC to see if the doors or windows are open in the building before leaving.

OneTouch Rules are preconfigured sets of actions that you define in an easy to use interface. So imagine by using SALUS Smart Home App you can set turning off all your lights in your home, setting all the thermostats to an energy saving setting, set an alert so if any window or door is open you are immediately sent an e-mail or a text message.


  • Reed sensor (magnet)
  • LED indication
  • Signaling open door / window (in application)
  • Recording of actions (to review in the App)

Supply  1 x CR3032 Battery (500 mAH, 3 V)
Frequency  ZigBee 2.4 GHz HA 1.2
Max. magnet gap (distance)  25 mm
Operating temeprature  0 - 40°C
Storage temperature  -20 - 85°C
Operating humidity  20 - 90% 
Dimension [mm]  Sensor: 55x40x12
 Magnet: 55x16x12