Wiring centre for 8-zone underfloor heating (UFH)

KL10RF Wiring centre for 8-zone underfloor heating (UFH)

This wiring centre can be configured for use with UFH thermal actuators or motorised valves. It also offers a range of outputs including dedicated hot water and pump/boiler switching.

Use with any product in the iT600 range:

Wireless communication is through the CO10RF ZigBee Coordinator or UGE600 Universal Gateway (sold separately).


  • Thermostat grouping and communication
  • LED status indication
  • Can be mounted on DIN rail
  • Optional pump and boiler delays
  • Can be used with NO or NC thermal actuators
  • Optional safety pipe thermostat connection
  • Pump output and optional boiler output
  • Heating/cooling output with global thermostat changeover
  • 5-year warranty

    Supply  230 V AC 50 Hz
    RF  ZigBee 2,4 GHz
    Rating max  3 A
    Switched output  230 V AC 50 Hz
    Dimension [mm]  W-448 H-132 D-73