Wireless room thermostat

HTRP-RF(50) Wireless room thermostat

Stylish and accurate, surface-mounted digital room thermostat that allows you to adjust easily room temperature. In combination with CO10RF coordinator this thermostat works in offline mode (without Internet) and can be configured as a controller of a group of thermostats or programmable thermostat. In offline mode it can communicate with devices of iT600 series such as:

KL10RF/KL08RF underfloor heating wiring centres
• TRV - thermostatic radiator valves
RX10RF boiler receiver (wireless control module)

HTRP-RF(50) has the ability to be controlled via Internet (online mode). This thermostat works in online mode only thru UGE600 gateway (sold separately) with SALUS Smart Home app and can cooperate with other devices from iT600 series.


  • TPI algorithm - optimizes the variation of the desired temperature
  • VP function - ensures that the valves remain movable and functional even after long periods out of operation
  • Programmable schedules (even in offline mode)
  • PARTY and HOLIDAY modes
  • Manual mode available (temporary and permanent overrides)
  • External temperature sensor options
  • Ability to work as a group controller (MASTER)
  • Memory backup (settings don’t need to be reset in the event of power loss)
  • HEATING/COOLING modes (can be switched via the wiring centre - available only when used with a KL08RF or KL10RF wiring centres)
Supply  2 x AA Batteries
RF Signal  ZigBee 2.4 GHz
Temperature range  5 - 35ºC
Dimension [mm]  W-85 H-85 D-25