Fan Coil thermostat

FC600 Fan Coil thermostat

A SALUS FC600 is a device suitable for controlling your fan coil unit in both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems and for managing the temperature in your home and/or working environment. For an internet connection (Online Mode), this product must be used with the SALUS Universal Gateway (UG600/UGE600) and the SALUS Smart Home App. You can also use the SALUS FC600 without an internet connection (Offline Mode).


  • Controlled manually or via Internet (using SALUS Smart Home app)
  • ECO mode
  • Multifunctional inputs: S1 - manual or automatic changeover between HEATING / COOLING mode 

    (using pipe sensor or NO-COM contact); S2 - operating mode switch (e.g. an occupancy sensor for key-card contact or external temperature sensor)

  • Built-in TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) alrgorithm, which assures a stable room temperature
  • High-precision measurement of the temperature
  • Automatic or Manual fan speed control using 3 variable fan settings to select  (Low / Medium / High)
  • Time schedule: 5+2 (weekdays+weekends) // 7 day programm // Daily - 6 various set of time, different for each day
  • 30 various configurations of work
  • Configured and upgraded through Internet (when is connected to the UGE600)
  • Anti frost and overheating protection
  • Auto or manual key lock function (preventing from unallowed manipulation)
  • Filter element change indication
  • Intuitive operation via touch panel
  • Easy to use backlit display with graphic menu
  • Quick-mounting system 
Supply  230 V AC
Control outputs:
- Fan Speed control (I, II, III gear)
- Valve actuator (cooling/heating)
 230 V AC; 5(2)A
RF  ZigBee 2,4 GHz
Temperature range  5 - 40ºC
Dimension [mm]  W-86 H-86 D-42