Protective Smart Button

CSB600 Protective Smart Button

The wireless button which is a shortcut to activating settled OneTouch Rules with one click, without running the app. It is working within the single UGE network - required.

It can be used as:

  • alert button - triggin action and sending sms (i.e. an alert triggered by older people to call their closest).
  • call to one action (from OneTouch Rules) – i.e. turn the heating on, start with schedule, turn on the smart plug
  • run the scenario without starting the app

You don't need to decide whether it's good to have it on the wall near the front door or if near the couch, in the living room will be better. Thanks to its battery supply and wireless communication you can change its placing according to your needments.

Supply  2 x AAA alkaline batteries
RF  ZigBee 2,4 GHz 1.2
Dimension [mm]  W-59 H-66 D-27