Multi-Mix 3000

Weather controller of integrated heating systems

MultiMix 3000 Weather controller of integrated heating systems

The MULTI MIX controller is a technologically advanced universal, weather-guided electronic device, allowing the user control and supervision over an entire heating installation as well as main or additional heat sources (like gas, oil, pellet boilers, heat pumps or fireplaces and wood gasification boilers). Controller regulates two mixers together with CH and HW circuits. It can also perform control over hydraulic clutch and buffer and also solar panel and additional heat source like for example stoves. An optional feature is a web module, which provides the ability to view and edit parameters of the MULTI MIX controller.


  • Integrated heat management
  • Many possibilities and easy of regulator adjustment to the installation (many hydraulic schemes)
  • Intuitive operation by a color touch panel
  • Weather control based on heating curves
  • Summer/winter detection
  • Ability to combine with room thermostats
  • Circuit pumps and heating sources control
  • Smooth regulation of three-way mixing valves
  • Operation with a hydraulic clutch or buffer
  • Wall mounting

Power supply  230 V AC 50Hz 3 (3) A
Temperature inputs   T1 - outside temperature
 T2 - main heat source temperature (hydraulic clutch)
 T3 - additional heat source temperature
 T4 - mixer 1 temperature
 T5 - mixer 2 temperature
 T6 - HW temperature
 T7 - solar collector temperature
 T8 - tank buffer temperature
Voltage free inputs  TP1, TP2, TP3 – room thermostats inputs
Voltage outputs (230 V)  6 heating circuit pumps, 230 V
 2 actuators with 230V mixing valves control
Voltage free NO/COM/NC outputs   main heating source control
Control outputs 0-10V   main heating source control
Protection degree  IP20
Ambient temperature  T50
Dimension [mm]  W-340 H-225 D-60
Weight  1300 g


Set includes:
- outdoor temperature sensor CT6-P - 1 pc.
- surface temperature contact sensor (submersible) CT10-X - 5 pcs.
- dowels and screws (for wall-mounting)