CO10RF Coordinator

All iT600 ZigBee wireless systems need a coordinator to control and coordinate the ZigBee network. The CO10RF coordinator can make any iT600 system smartphone ready by connecting the coordinator to the G30 smartphone gateway (sold separately).


  • Easy USB connection
  • Can support 30 VS10/20RF thermostats, nine KL10/08RF wiring centres, and 90 TRVs thermostatic radiator valves

Note that if your iT600 system has more than 32 battery-powered devices, you need a RE10RF repeater apart from CO10RF coordinator.


New version of CO10RF software to download

Click above link to download and install the latest CO10RF coordinator software version  (the function is available only for Windows system XP / 7 / 10).

The installation process, step by step:

I) The installation from the downloaded file: 

  1. Download “New version CO10RF software” (file *.*zip - 17 MB).
  2. Unpack the downloaded file.
  3. Plug the coordinator into the USB port in your PC.
  4. Open the “IT600 SW Pack OTA_166 version” folder.
  5. Run the „iT600_System_Firmware_Upgrade_v2.7.exe”.
  6. Click “Transmit”.
  7. Wait around 10-15 minutes for the software to be updated.
  8. When the “Transmit success” appears, shut the program down, plug the coordinator out of the USB port and plug it into to the KL08RF wiring centre, the adapter or the G30 Gateway.
  9. The coordinator contains the new software now.
  10. All devices saved in the coordinators memory remain without any changes, there is no need to pair the devices again.
  11. If the coordinator has been paired to some devices before installing new software:  After having switched on the coordinator, the ZigBee network should be found automatically  within a few minutes. The devices will update automatically which may take 30-40 minutes per each.  
  12. If the coordinator hasn’t been paired to any device yet: After having paired the devices and closed the Zigbee network the devices will update within 30-40 minutes per each.

NOTE: Driver for the CO10RF coordinator to download HERE