CO10RF Coordinator

All iT600 ZigBee wireless systems need a coordinator to control and coordinate the ZigBee network. The CO10RF coordinator can make any iT600 system smartphone ready by connecting the coordinator to the G30 smartphone gateway (sold separately).


  • Easy USB connection
  • Can support 30 VS10/20RF thermostats, nine KL10/08RF wiring centres, and 90 TRVs thermostatic radiator valves

Note that if your iT600 system has more than 32 battery-powered devices, you need a RE10RF repeater apart from CO10RF coordinator.


The installation process, step by step:

I) Installation of the CO10RF coordinator drivers (CP210x VCP) for Windows XP/7/10 which are available to download HERE

II) Download the coordinator software update program -click HERE (*.zip file - 13MB).Unpack, run and follow  the on-screen instructions.