Digital programmable wireless thermostat with OpenTherm communication

RT520RF - digital programmable wireless thermostat with OpenTherm communication


  •  OpenTherm communication (OT+ 4.0) gives you two-way communication between boiler and thermostat.
    Thermostat modulates boiler power to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort, has automatic detection of OT+ protocol, boiler error codes displaying and DHW temperature regulation
  • You can choose histeresis or built-in TPI algorythm (for Underfloor systems, radiator systems or electrical systems)
  • Optimal start & stop function available to maintain a setpoint temperature precisely
  • Clear and big backlighted LCD display – very ease to read, perfect for seniors
  • Heating / cooling mode
  • Surface or freestanding mounting
  • Working on 868 MHz frequency, guarantee stable and interference-resistant radio signal
  • Pre-paried devices
  • RF range: 100m - in open area, 35m – in the building
  • Compatible with RXRT510 (RT series receiver)

Perfect solution for lanlords of real estate:

  • Service mode secured by PIN code
  • You decide what maxiumum/ minimum temperature can be set by the user
  • You can disactivate manual mode in the receiver, just using the thermostat


Technical specification:
Thermostat supply 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Receiver supply 230V AC 50 Hz
Rating max 16 (5) A
Outputs NO/COM or OpenTherm
Temperature range 5 - 33.5ºC
Temperature accurancy 0.5 or 0.1ºC

±0.25ºC or ±0.5ºC


868 MHz

Thermostat dimension [mm] W-118 x H-95 x D-26
Receiver dimension [mm] W-96 x H-96 x D-27


OpenTherm compatible boilers:
Brand Model
Alpha Heating E-Tec S
E-tec Plus
Intec GS
Atag iC
iC Economiser
Baxi 100 Combi
200 Combi
400 Combi
600 Combi
Daikin D2CND 24Kw
D2CND 28kw
D2CND 35kw
Ferroli i25 Condensing Combination Boiler
i29 Condensing Combination Boiler
Ideal Independent + Combi
Independent Combi
Independent System
Logic Combi+ Combi C
Logic Combi C24, C30, C35 (via seperate harness kit)
Logic Code Combi (via separate harness kit)
I-mini C24, c30 (via separated harness kit)
Vogue Combi C26,C32, C40
Logic + System
Logic + Heat
Intergas Intergas Rapid
Intergas Rapid Plus
Combi Compact, Compact Range
Main Eco Compact Combi 25-30
Navien Navien NCB
Ravenheat Avanta, Quinta Ace
Quinta Pro
Gas 110 Eco
Vokera Evolve C
Evolve S
Linea One (via OpenTherm Kit Part_1221179)
Vision Combi (requires control interface 294501430
Compact A (requires control interface 29450143)
Verve (heating only mode)
Mynute i (heating only mode)
Vision System (heating only mode)
Unica i
Vision C
Linea HE
Mynute A
Mynute HE
Unica HE
Viessmann Vitodens 100W Type WB1A (Connection: X3.3 and X3.4)
Vitodens 100W Type WB1B (Connection: X21.1 and X21.2)
Vitodens 100W Type WB1C (Connection: X21.1 and X21.2)
Vitodens 200-W WB2B 26+ 35 kW (via Expansion Module OT and OT-A8 + _Terminal -10 and +10 are on expansion A8 boiler)
Vitodens 200-W WB2C, B2HA,B2JA, B2LA (via icm Expander OpenTherm)
(via Vaillant VR33 module)
Ecotec Pro
Ecotec Plus
Ecotec Exclusive
Ecofit Pure
Worcester Bosch
(via Nefit EMS-OT OpenTherm converter)
EMS capable boilers
Greenstar i
Greenstar i Junior (Manufactured after July 2013)
Greenstar Si Compact
Greenstar CDi Compact
Greenstar CDi Classic (Manufactured after 16th January 2007 with software version CF12.10 onwards)
Greenstar Highflow CDi
Greenstar 12i System - 24i System (Provided optional integral diverter valve is installed, manufactured after February 2011)
Greenstar 27i System - 30i System (Provided optional integral diverter valve is installed)
Greenstar CDi Classic System (Provided optional integral diverter valve is installed, manufactured after 16th January 2007 with software version CF12.10 onwards)

Note: Worcester Bosch OpenTherm information is very limited, please accept this list as capable, but not yet confirmed. There is also no confirmation of hot water working with OpenTherm.