Digital programmable wireless thermostat

091FLRFv2 - Digital programmable wireless thermostat

New version of the 091FLRF thermostat.

Recommended by clients for convenient schedules, aesthetics and an exellent price/performance ratio.

New version added features and changes:

  • Added + and  - button indications on main panel.
  • Extended display time before it backs to main screen. You will have more time for the action.
  • Added new functions in service menu
  • New receiver – RXRT510, with increased numer of available communications codes (64 000
    communications codes available)
  • Factory-paired devices
  • In case you decide to change the communication codes you can easily pair the devices without dissasembly of the products


  • 7 days programming with 6 default and 3 individual programs
  • HEAT / COOL mode
  • Volt free contacts
  • Manual override
  • Easy to use
  • Frequency 868 MHz (up to 60 m range in open area)
  • Automatic signal renewal after power interruptions
  • Integrated (foldable) stand
Transmitter supply  2 x AA batteries 
Receiver supply  230V AC 50 Hz
Rating max  16 (5) A
Output  Voltage free NO/COM
Temperature range  5 - 30˚C  
Temperature accuracy  0,2°C
Control algorithm  Histeresis: ±0.25°C or ±0.5°C
Communication  Wireless, 868 MhZ
Dimensions [mm]

 Transmitter: W-154 H-80 D-30
 Receiver: W-96 H-96 D-27