Weather thermostat

WT100 Weather thermostat
Weather thermostat is a device controlling temperature in the central heating circuit, a three or four-way mixing valve equipped with 3-point steering drive with possibility to connect additional circulation pump and control the heating source by dry contact.



  • Weather control
  • C.H. temperature control
  • Summer/Winter detection
  • Can work with room thermostat
  • Return protection
  • Heating sources control
  • Time programmer

Supply  230 V AC 50 Hz; 3(3) A
Inputs  T1- mixer temperature
 T2- outside temperature
 T3- return temperature
 T4- boiler temperature
 TP- room thermostat input

 Heating circuit pump - 230 V 1,5 (1,5) A

 Mixing valve control output - 230 V 0,5 (0,5) A

 Heating sources control output (voltfree) - 0,5 (0,5)A

Protection  IP20
Ambient temperature  T40
Dimension (mm)   W-140 H-99 D-43
Weight  280 g
Set includes:
- outdoor temperature sensor CT6-P - 1 pc.
- surface temperature contact sensor (submersible) CT10-X - 2 pcs.
- dowels and screws (for wall-mounting)