Internet thermostat

iT500 Internet thermostat

The iT500 controls your heating and hot water from anywhere via your smartphone or laptop. Your pc and laptop connects to the system using existing broadband connection. The system is wireless so it’s easy to instal.


  • Access and control your heating and hot water via the internet
  • Compatible with your PC or smartphone - they connect to the system using your existing broadband connection
  • Touch sensor panel
  • The internal system uses 868 MHz for robust communication
  • 3 system configurations:
    - One central heating zone only
    - Two central heating zones (iT300* remote sensor required for second zone)
    - One central heating zone plus hot water
  • ECO & HOLIDAY mode
  • Free iT500 Plus app to download
  • Box contains:
    - iT500TR Thermostat
    - iT500RX Receiver (a wireless receiver that will connect to your boiler. It is suitable for combination and system boiler).
    Dimension [mm]: W-150 H-100 D-35.
    - iTG500 Internet gateway - connects via a short cable to your broadband internet router. The gateway enables internet access and control of your system.
    Dimension [mm]: W-39 H-91 D-25, antenna: 70 

    Supply  iT500TR: 2 x AA batteries
     iT500RX: 230 V AC 50 Hz
    Rating max  CH1: 16 A resistive, 5 A inductive
     CH2: 5 resistive, 3 A inductive
    Temperature range  5 - 35ºC (in step 0.5°C)
    Frost protection temperature   5 - 9°C (in step 0.5°C)
    Storage temperature  -20°C - 60°C
    Hysteresis  1ºC
    Protection degree IP  IP 30

CLICK HERE to find iT500 Plus App!