MP100A, MP200A, MP280A

Electronic energy-saving pump

MP100A, MP200A, MP280A Electronic energy-saving pump

SALUS MPA series of the electronical pumps is mainly used in domestic heating and hot water system. Equipped with permanent magnet motor and differential pressure controller. MPA series pumps are able to automatically & continuously adjusting motor performance to meet the actual needs of the heating system.


  • Meets EuP legislative demands
  • Energy efficient pump for significant energy savings
  • Variable and fixed speed operation
  • Plug and Pump - no need to open terminal box
  • Comes pre-wired
  • 5-year warranty
Supply  230 V AC 50 Hz
Protection degree IP  42
MP100A  5M Head Max
MP200A  6M Head Max
MP280A  6M Head Max
Relative Humidity (RH)  95%
Liquid temperature  2 - 110˚C
System load bearing  1.0 MPa
Temperature grade  TF110
Dimensions [mm]  MP100A - 130
 MP200A - 130
 MP280A - 180